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Gastric Bypass

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Gastric Bypass

Clients who are not suitable for a Gastric Sleeve procedure may consider a Gastric Bypass as an alternative weight loss method. A bypass achieves similar weight loss results to a sleeve. Where the sleeve uses an overall stomach reduction, a bypass divides the stomach into two separate pouches. Bypasses are generally only used for patients who are not suitable for a gastric sleeve or who have a specific preference.


Why choose a THST Hospital?

All of our Obesity Clinics are staffed by leading physicians, specialists, nutritionists and associate professors. Our nurses and care staff are dedicated, experienced professionals. Our expert teams work together to ensure a comfortable and successful treatment process for all of our patients. Our Aftercare team also provides support for a full year after treatment.

What is the pre-operative process? How long does the operation take?

Clients undergo comprehensive consultations and assessments before undergoing a gastric bypass procedures. A physician will discuss treatment options and procedures in detail. They will also evaluate a series of test results in order to assess a patient’s readiness for surgery.

Clients undergo the following tests:

-Full urine test

-Blood test

-Chest X-ray

-Respiratory function test

-Cardiology consultation

-Pulmonary disease consultation

-Internal diseases consultation

-General surgery consultation

-Anaesthesia consultation


The gastric bypass procedure is mostly laparoscopic (closed) and takes around 80–90 minutes.

How does the procedure work?

A gastric bypass divides the stomach into two sections and reduces its overall volume. The patient’s appetite is reduced and they naturally lose weight over time. Clients also work with our nutritionists and dietary specialists to make nutrition plans to help them achieve a healthy weight.

What is the post-operative process? How long will I be in hospital?

Clients generally stay in hospital for 3-4 nights after surgery. They will then have last checkups before leaving the hospital. A dietary expert and nutrition specialist will provide a new nutrition plan to help achieve a healthy weight. You will be asked to have regular blood tests for a year after the operation (in the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 12th month). Our Aftercare team continues to monitor and support patients for a full year after the procedure.

Will I need medication for the rest of my life? Could I gain the weight back?

Clients may need to use vitamin supplements as part of a new lifestyle. They will of course need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good nutritional habits. Consuming significant amounts of carbohydrates, sugary substances or alcohol may lead to regaining some of the lost weight.

Will I need aesthetic surgeries after weight loss?

After undergoing a gastric bypass, some patients choose to undergo aesthetic operations such as a tummy tuck, arm lift or thigh lift. Others do not feel this is necessary. Our aesthetic surgeons are available to discuss treatment options for patients who have had gastric bypasses and to perform other procedures if necessary.



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