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31 January 2024 in News and Updates

The Health Store Turkey Issues Urgent Warning on the Rise of ‘Genuine Fake’ Surgeries – The Hidden Dangers Behind Low-Cost Medical Tourism

Rise of Genuine Fake Hospitals - The Health Store Turkey
Rise of Genuine Fake Hospitals - The Health Store Turkey

The Health Store Turkey Issues Urgent Warning on the Rise of ‘Genuine Fake’ Surgeries – The Hidden Dangers Behind Low-Cost Medical Tourism

As a leading medical tourism company in Turkey, The Health Store Turkey is advising Irish patients to be cautious of the increasing presence of fraudulent hospitals, fake reviews, and imitation websites that are sweeping the market. We are now seeing a trend where surgeries are being offered at reputable hospitals only for the patients to be diverted to unregistered health clinics upon arrival. Currently, Istanbul is the city where most of this activity is occurring where patients are being told that there is an infection outbreak preventing the surgery being carried out at the agreed hospital and this is where the transfer takes place to remote medical clinics.

Nihal Terzi has openly spoken about the dangers of the rise in unregistered medical clinics in Turkey, reaffirming the importance of not focusing on cost when it comes to selecting a medical tourism provider. It is crucial that the correct level of due diligence is carried out by every patient before a decision is made and that cheap alternatives should be approached with caution. What is more alarming is the rise of fake reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot and Google that give a false image of a company, Trustpilot has confirmed they are aware of the fake reviews and are reviewing all reviews to make sure only legitimate reviews are displayed.

For example, it is necessary to perform bariatric surgery (a procedure for weight loss) in a hospital that has an on-site intensive care unit in case any complications arise. This is why The Health Store Turkey only work with the most reputable hospitals in Izmir and Antalya, where if there were to be a medical complication, all facilities and resources are on site such as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Unfortunately, the unregistered clinics don’t have these facilities and this is where we see the tragedies of complications and lives lost. We also see a trend in the ‘cheaper alternatives’ that are directly related to these tragedies. It’s crucial that you see confirmation of official recognition or licensing from the Turkish government when choosing your provider.

Over the past three years, a minimum of 10 individuals from Ireland who ventured to Turkey for medical treatments have passed away. Most of these individuals had bariatric surgeries.

It’s also important to be aware that Turkey’s yearly inflation rose to 64.8%, which is the highest it has been since 2004 and this inflation is reflected in the costs provided by The Health Store Turkey.  Despite the significant price increase across various industries, medical tourism companies persist in promoting unbelievably cheap medical procedures and this is the Red flag to be aware of. Your decision should solely be made on accreditations and reputation, not cost. Where you see cheaper alternatives, the likelihood is shortcuts are being taken with the quality of materials being used. For example, it is crucial to utilise the correct staples with weight loss surgery, yet certain clinics are importing inexpensive imitations that result in complications as the products are poorly made.
There is a high number of Irish Women taking advantage of discounted procedures and this is a real concern for Nihal as the temptation to achieve the perfect appearance comes at a dangerous cost of opting for the cheap alternatives with no fault to the patients as they are being lied to. The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs advises citizens to investigate the qualifications of any potential service provider. You can read our full article here which featured in the Irish Independent.

Public Caution Advised:
The Health Store Turkey urges potential medical tourists to exercise extreme caution. We recommend thorough research, seeking verifiable credentials, and consulting with established medical professionals before undertaking any medical procedure abroad.

About The Health Store Turkey:
The Health Store Turkey is a fully certified and registered award-winning, premier medical tourism provider and a leading name in medical tourism, dedicated to promoting safe, high-quality healthcare and wellness services in Turkey.

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