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11 January 2023 in The Health Store Handbook

Changing our Body Aesthetics

Many people choose to have various types of aesthetic body surgery to enhance or reshape their physical characteristics. Risks and complications can seem like an overwhelming subject to investigate when thinking about having an aesthetic surgery, whether surgical or non-surgical.

Calculating whether the benefit is higher than the danger can be challenging, regardless of whether you’re an avid researcher or processing the information your provider offers with you. But don’t be alarmed! This blog will go over all you need to know about some of the most popular body aesthetics procedures. To learn more, keep reading!

But First – Why do People Get Aesthetic Body Surgery? 

Most people who seek aesthetic improvement want to rejuvenate themselves both physically and emotionally, and they view cosmetic surgery as a method to do this, reclaim part of their youth, and pursue happiness.

Some common reasons for getting aesthetic body surgery may include: 

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Feeling more feminine or masculine
  • Improving one’s “personal life”
  • Feeling their body is balanced
  • Being able to dress in ways that emphasize their form rather than conceal it

Abdominoplasty – What to Know

A tummy tuck, commonly known as an abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure which improves the look and form of a person’s midsection by removing excess skin.

A tummy tuck makes you look and feel better. It’s not a form of weight loss surgery. Instead, the operation is meant to help a patient’s abdomen take on a more contoured appearance by eliminating extra skin and small quantities of fat.

What happens in an abdominoplasty?

The stretched abdominal muscles are tightened with internal stitches during a tummy tuck to restore the abdomen’s flat appearance. The leftover loose skin is then stitched together to give the area a smooth, toned appearance.

What are the different types of abdominoplasty?

Standard tummy tucks: involve the removal of excess lower abdomen skin, correction and tightening of muscular laxity (also known as rectus diastasis), and frequently some liposuction for the front of love handles.

Mini tummy tuck: involves only the removal of the lower abdominal skin; the upper abdominal skin is not lifted, and the muscle distasis separation is not fixed.

Extended tummy tuck: This is a regular tummy tuck with the incisions moved farther to the side of the waistline for individuals who also have extra or stretched skin.

Thigh Lift – What to Know

A thigh lift (also known as a thighplasty) is an invasive cosmetic procedure that targets the thighs to remove extra skin and fat. The most common reason for a thigh lift is to assist smooth up and restructuring the thigh area after reducing weight.

What are the different types of thigh lifts?

Inner (medial) thigh lift: An incision is made from your groin area near your knee or at the back of your thigh area to address drooping skin in your inner thighs.

Mini thigh lift: Compared to other thigh lift procedures, this one necessitates a little incision in your groin. It is effective if you only want to concentrate on the upper inner portion of your thigh.

Vertical thigh lift: A vertical thigh lift may be an option if you want to address a lot of extra skin on your thighs. It necessitates deeper incisions that go all the way to your knees.

Outer (bilateral) thigh lift: Your thighs’ outer regions are the focus of an outer thigh lift. During the surgery, you will have an incision that begins in your groin and moves outward to your hip and lower back.

As long as you have a seasoned healthcare provider who performs the procedure, you have nothing to worry about. However, you must be at a stable weight for several months before the operation in order to maintain your outcomes.

Liposuction – What to Know

Body fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise are removed with liposuction. It is a form of body contouring and is among the most often used cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide. Liposuction involves fat transfer and is a popular procedure for contouring and reshaping the hips, legs, abdomen, buttocks, back, neck, face, arms, and breasts.

What are the different types of liposuction?

Tumescent liposuction: This kind of liposuction is the most popular. A sterile fluid is injected by the plastic surgeons into the affected area. The affected area stiffens and swells due to the fluid mixture. The surgeon will then make a few tiny incisions in your skin and place a cannula—a thin tube—under your skin. A vacuum is attached to the cannula, which sucks fluids and fat out of your body.

Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL): High-intensity laser light is used in this method to break down fat for removal. During LAL, the surgeon makes a tiny incision in the skin and inserts a laser fiber to emulsify fat deposits. A cannula is then used to extract the fat.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: Combining standard liposuction with this kind of liposuction is occasionally done. A metal rod that generates ultrasonic radiation is inserted beneath your skin by the surgeon during UAL. This causes the fat cells to burst and causes the fat to break down for simpler disposal.

Power-assisted liposuction: A cannula used in this kind of liposuction procedure moves quickly back and forth. The surgeon can remove challenging fat more quickly and simply thanks to this vibration.

Brazilian Butt Lift – What to Know

The Brazilian butt lift involves removing extra body fat from one place and injecting it into the buttocks. Often, by reducing fat in a “problem area” like the hips, thighs, or lower abdomen, the entire lower body becomes more aesthetically pleasing.

Brazilian butt lifts are said to be both safer and more efficient than conventional butt implants, which have the potential to flip or put a strain on your leg’s nerves. Additionally, they are considerably safer than silicone injections, which have been outlawed in most nations because of extremely dangerous side effects.

What are the different types of Brazilian Butt lifts?

Mini Brazilian Butt lift: A mini BBL surgery is comparable to a conventional BBL operation; the only differences are that less excess fat is removed by liposuction and less fat is grafted.

 Therefore, this procedure is most suited for patients who desire a less spectacular outcome, a more subtle or lesser enlargement, or who prefer to change the form and improve the symmetry of their buttocks.

Plus-size Brazilian Butt lift: BBL patients with a high BMI are frequently referred to as plus-size Brazilian butt lift patients. In general, people who are healthy weights and do not have high BMIs are good candidates for surgery because being overweight increases the chance of complications after the treatment. 

There are some people, nevertheless, who, despite having a high BMI are nonetheless good candidates for the procedure.

Sculptra Brazilian Butt lifts: Dermal fillers like Sculptra stimulate the skin’s collagen production. Since collagen helps to fill out the contour and structure and improves the skin’s quality, it can improve the appearance of the buttocks. However, the FDA has not approved this treatment.

Buccal Fat Removal – What to Know

Plastic surgery includes procedures to remove buccal fat. It is often referred to as a cheek reduction procedure or buccal lipectomy. Your cheeks’ buccal fat pads are surgically removed during the treatment. Cheeks are made thinner, and face angles are defined.

You might be a good candidate if you have a larger face and satisfy certain health requirements. The method is generally regarded as secure. It takes several weeks to recover.

What are the benefits of buccal fat removal?

Even though having fuller cheeks is perfectly natural, many patients prefer to have clearly defined cheekbones. Therefore, patients might improve their appearance by having a defined face contour after undergoing this procedure.

The best thing is that since all incisions are made inside the patient’s lips, there are no obvious scars left behind. And it doesn’t take long at all—it usually only takes a little more than an hour. The process is personal, and there are aesthetic advantages.

What are the positive effects of aesthetic plastic surgery?

Better mental health

It makes sense to say that when you look good, you feel good. You will feel less worried and depressed and be more able to socialize with people when you feel good about yourself, have higher self-esteem, and more confidence.

Improved physical condition

You may also benefit from enhancements to your body, which will result in better physical health, depending on the sort of surgery you have. A breast reduction, for instance, can help you achieve a more attractive physique while also alleviating some of the negative consequences of having breasts that are disproportionately huge or larger than average.

More self confidence 

Improving your physical appearance is one of plastic surgery’s primary objectives. However, in addition to the obvious advantages, you will also notice an improvement in your sense of confidence and self-worth. Your entire life may be affected by this.

To Conclude?

Overall, aesthetics form an integral part of our personality, and we should have the liberty to explore options that may enhance our best features. But be sure to do your research prior to settling on a particular procedure!

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