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Over 50,000 Successful Procedures

Safe & Affordable
Weight Loss Surgery

Done By The Award Winning & Fully-Licensed

Medical Health Store Turkey Team

  • Reduces Your Appetite Permanently

  • Save Roughly 80% Versus UK Surgery
  • Fully Registered Medical Tourism Agency

I have lost over 7 1/2 stone and feel like a completely new woman.” Moragh Bird

Over 50,000 Successful Procedures

Safe & Affordable

Weight Loss Surgery

Done By The Award Winning

& Fully-Licensed

Medical Health Store Turkey Team

  • Reduces Your Appetite 
  • Save Roughly 80% Versus UK
  • Fully Registered Medical Tourism Agency



Weight Loss

Reduced Appetite for Weight Loss

Quick Recovery

2-4 weeks


BMI 30 or over


From £3,000

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“Choosing to have gastric sleeve surgery was the best choice I have ever made for happiness, fitness and health for 2021. I wish I did it sooner!”


“I had my gastric sleeve almost 2 years ago. I have a lot more confidence and a huge improvement in my health and wellbeing!”


“Thank you for changing my life, your team is absolutely incredible and I can’t recommend you enough!”




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50,000 Successful Surgery’s in 15 Years

50,000 Successful Surgery’s in 15 Years

Fully Licenced Health Tourism Agency in Turkey

Fully Licenced Travel Agency in Turkey

Registered Business with Izmir Chamber of Commerce

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Our experienced team works directly with a carefully selected group of Turkey’s leading hospitals to bring you world class medical care at extremely affordable prices.

  • Over 50,000 successful surgeries
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How much is a Gastric Sleeve?

A Gastric Sleeve procedure costs from €3,600

Who is eligible for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

If you have a BMI over 30 and have been grappling with obesity, you are an ideal candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Gastric Sleeve surgery is also an excellent option for individuals coping with conditions such as type 2 diabetes and excessively high blood pressure.

Are the results permanent?

While gastric sleeve surgery is an effective weight loss method, you must still maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine in order to maintain its benefits in the long term.

How does it work?

Gastric sleeve surgery removes the fundus of the stomach. The fundus is involved in the production of ghrelin, a hormone that influences appetite. The removal of the fundus safely reduces ghrelin production, reducing your appetite significantly.

What age?

Candidates for gastric sleeve are usually aged between 18 and 65. In some cases, however, the surgery may be performed for teenagers or individuals older than 65 if the benefits are deemed significant enough.

What are the risks with Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

As with any surgery, there are some minor risks associated with gastric sleeve. These are very rare but worth discussing with your surgeon.

What happens during gastric sleeve surgery?

The gastric sleeve procedure follows these steps:

  • The surgeon makes several small incisions in the upper abdominal region. They may use advanced surgical methods to reduce visible scarring after surgery.
  • Surgical devices such as endoscopes are inserted into the incisions.
  • The external part of the stomach (around 70 to 80% of it) is removed.
  • Stapling equipment is used to fasten the stomach in its new shape and location.
Is gastric sleeve surgery painful?

You won’t feel any pain during the surgery as you will be under anesthesia. The laparoscopic, minimally-invasive surgical method also reduces pain and recovery time after surgery.

Common post-surgical symptoms include a tightness around your chest, the sensation of a stitch in your upper abdomen, especially below the rib cage, aches, and mild-to-moderate pain around the tip of the shoulder.

How long does the surgical process take?

Usually, the entire surgical process takes less than one hour. However, you will require pre-operative treatment which may take some time. You will also require a short inpatient stay after surgery so that you can recover and your medical team can monitor your progress. This stay will be for a minimum of two nights.

What happens after surgery?

As the surgery uses minimally invasive keyhole incisions, any pain should subside quickly. The anesthesia should also wear off within two to three hours and you will feel relatively alert again. Your medical team will prescribe medication depending on your general condition and response to surgery. You will remain in the hospital for two or three days while you fully recover and while your medical team monitors this recovery.

Will I experience hunger after surgery?

Most patients experience reduced hunger cravings following surgery. If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan, you should experience healthy, consistent weight loss.

Can I take other medications?

Your doctor will prescribe medication before and after your surgery. You should inform them of any medications you are already taking. They may ask you to pause or stop your use of them before or after surgery. Your medical team will provide detailed instructions around medication. You should follow them precisely.

Will my eating habits change?

Your food habits will change substantially after gastric sleeve surgery. This is one of the main objectives of the procedure. You will have a smaller appetite so you will become full much more quickly. Your particular tastes in food and beverages may also change. In the days immediately after surgery, you may also have a reduced appetite due to the effects of the surgery and anesthesia. After surgery, doctors generally recommend a gastric sleeve diet for at least two weeks. After this, you are asked to follow a pureed diet for two more weeks. You will then gradually transition to soft food items in two-week phases. You can resume eating pre-surgery food items within six to nine weeks of the surgery. As you eat, make sure you masticate thoroughly and eat slowly.