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Are you interested in liposuction? Do you want to know more about the procedure and its benefits? You are probably aware of liposuction as a form of cosmetic surgery used to remove unwanted fat. The procedure is sometimes referred to as a “tummy tuck” or “lipo.” You may know that it can help to eliminate stubborn fat cells and is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. However, if you are considering undergoing liposuction yourself, it’s important to have a more thorough understanding of the procedure.

In this article, we will answer all of the most important queries relating to liposuction. We will explain exactly what the procedure achieves and how it is carried out. We will discuss the pre-operative and recovery processes. We will also cover potential risks and side-effects. By the end of this article you will have all the information you need to make a decision on liposuction.

Liposuction is a safe and effective surgery. The procedure can eliminate a significant amount of fat from the thighs, abdomen, chin, neck, calves, back, and arms. If you feel that you have excess fat in some or all of those areas, you can consider liposuction as an effective method of body contouring. A specialised instrument called a cannula will be used to remove the fat under your skin using suction. A high-pressure vacuum is then used to remove fat through the cannula. The Health Store Turkey works with leading surgeons in elite private hospitals to provide safe, effective treatments for patients including liposuction.

Let’s now discuss the procedure in more detail.

Liposuction: What Is It?

As we have explained, liposuction is a surgical procedure used for fat removal and to restore a slimmer and tighter physique. Weight gain is very common and can occur for many reasons. Weight loss can also be a challenging process. It demands a lot of effort and a clear, sustainable strategy. Once you begin gaining weight it can be difficult to stop. A significant increase in weight can also make you more prone to certain diseases. If you are looking for a safe option to eliminate a significant amount of fat and skin from a particular part of your body, liposuction could be a good option.

Liposuction cannot be used to reduce overall body fat or to address obesity. It should be used to address a specific area of the body. It’s important to consider this before making any decision.

Liposuction: The Procedure

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that is carried out by experienced plastic surgeons. It removes excess fat from certain areas of the body. The operation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic, although local anaesthetic can be used.

Liposuction Surgery is often referred to as a tummy tuck. Our Liposuction Clinic in Ireland provides individually-tailored procedures to remove fat and skin and to change the shape of the body in certain areas. Liposuction can remove fat permanently. However, the patient must follow a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the benefits of liposuction. If you do not maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, you may lose the benefits of liposuction over time.

Who Needs Liposuction?

Liposuction is often considered for people who have tried other weight loss methods without success. People who have tried strict dietary routines, exercise programs and perhaps other medical procedures without success may be good candidates. Individuals who are particularly unhappy with one area of their body may also be good candidates. For example, a patient may be particularly unhappy with the fat around their abdominal area or their thighs.

After liposuction surgery, you should not expect immediate, dramatic results. You will see some immediate results, but the full effect will only become visible over time. You can support these effects with a healthy diet and exercise.

When Should You Consider Liposuction?

Liposuction can effectively target areas including the back, chest, buttocks, hips, inner knees, neckline, outer thighs, and upper arms. If you have significant fat in any of these areas that you have failed to reduce through other means, liposuction may be a good option for you. It can restore the shape and contouring of these areas in an effective and sustainable way.

It’s important to note that, after fat is removed, you may be left with loose skin in certain areas. This may require further treatment. You must also be over eighteen years of age to undergo liposuction. You should not have liposuction while pregnant. There are also certain medical conditions that may make liposuction excessively risky, including diabetes and coronary artery disease. Our experienced staff will discuss this with you during initial consultation. They will perform a full medical history and assessment.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction can help an individual achieve their desired shape and improve their self-esteem and overall health. The process treats a specific area of the body. Liposuction can also be used as part of an overall treatment for certain health conditions. The following are a few of these conditions:

Gynecomastia: Liposuction can treat this condition which causes the enlargement or swelling of the breast tissue in males.

Lymphedema: Lymphedema is a chronic condition that causes fluid accumulation in tissues. If you are suffering from this condition, liposuction may be an option to minimise discomfort, pain, and swelling.

Extreme Weight Loss: Losing a significant amount of weight can create loose skin in certain areas of the body. Loose skin can impact your appearance and physical comfort significantly. You can correct the issue with liposuction.

Lipodystrophy Syndrome: This condition causes selective absence of adipose tissue. This leads to fat accumulation in some parts of the body and fat loss in other parts. Liposuction can treat this by ensuring proper fat distribution in the body.

What is the Liposuction Process?

If you think that you are a suitable candidate for liposuction, consult with our experienced surgeons for more information. If you decide to go ahead with the operation, they will carry out a full assessment of your health and medical history. If you are deemed to be a suitable candidate, they will provide you with some pre-operative advice. This may include pausing use of some medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs and the contraceptive pill. They will also discuss the kind of clothing you need to wear during the process.

You may also be prescribed some medications for use before or after the procedure. Liposuction will be carried out in a surgical setting. It is usually performed under general anaesthetic. The effects will last around four hours.

Methods of Liposuction

There are different types of liposuction. These include dry liposuction, tumescent liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, and laser-assisted lipolysis. Your surgeon will discuss the best options for you.

Tumescent Power-Assisted Liposuction

In tumescent liposuction, small suction tubes are used to remove excess fat. If you choose dry liposuction, surgeons will not inject tumescent fluid. However, there will be a greater risk of bleeding and bruising. Tumescent power-assisted liposuction has become the most popular technique.

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

In the ultrasound-assisted method, the cannula are charged using ultrasound. This melts fat before removing it through the tubes. This process is ideal for fibrous areas such as the back.

Power-Assisted Liposuction

Power-assisted liposuction uses a different cannula that moves back and forth rapidly to remove fat cells by suction. Laser-assisted lipolysis uses tumescent fluid. In this procedure, a small tube is inserted to deliver laser energy to the fat cells. The incision will be left open to drain out excess blood and fluid. Your surgeon will discuss the best liposuction method for you in detail.

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Specially Assigned Consultant Surgeon

You will be assigned a consultant during your first visit to the Health Store Turkey. They will be responsible for you throughout your time with us. They will help and support you at every step of the way. Your consultant surgeon will be experienced in the area and will be in a great position to answer any questions you might have and to provide detailed advice.

Private Liposuction With The Health Store Turkey

When you undergo liposuction with the Health Store Turkey, you are paying for a private operation with a leading provider. This means that you are in the best possible hands throughout the process. From initial consultations through to aftercare, we provide the treatment you want with the utmost care and professionalism.

Pre-Surgical Process for Liposuction

Prior to surgery, you will meet with a consultant plastic surgeon to discuss the options available to you. You will also discuss reconstructive surgery in case it is required once the initial liposuction procedure has been completed. We will ensure that this is a worry-free, thorough consultation. You will know what to expect at every step of the procedure.

We will also discuss logistical details around the operation itself and the periods before and after. Whatever questions you may have, our experts will be happy to answer.

Consultation Appointments With The Health Store Turkey

The first step in the process is your initial consultation. You and your consultant plastic surgeon will discuss your goals, your medical history, and any conditions you may have. You will be given clear and comprehensive information on your options. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Client care is an essential priority for all of our staff. We will ensure that you are comfortable before, during and after your surgery.

Lifestyle Choices After The Liposuction Procedure

Once your liposuction surgery has been completed, you must continue to work to maintain your new physique. Diet and exercise are essential to maintain the benefits of liposuction. You should consult with your physician about a detailed exercise and diet plan. Having a clear idea of the best way to maintain your results is very beneficial in the long term.

Mental Attitude

It’s also important to maintain the right mental attitude after liposuction. Your mental health and motivation are highly significant in terms of your long-term physique and overall health. Our liposuction specialists will work with you to build a sustainable plan for maintaining the benefits of liposuction.

Additional Surgery

Some people choose to undergo additional cosmetic or reconstructive surgery after liposuction. This can help to remove excess skin and improve the appearance of the targeted areas. Our team will discuss options for further treatment with you.

Our plastic surgeons have worked with people in many different situations after liposuction. They will be happy to provide all the information you need on further treatment after liposuction. Our plastic surgeons have worked with people in a variety of situations. They have provided traditional liposuction and reconstructive cosmetic surgery for many patients and can draw on this experience in making a plan for you.

After Your Procedure

After liposuction, you may remain in hospital overnight if you have been administered general anaesthetic. The effects of general anaesthetic can take several hours to fully wear off. If local anaesthetic has been used, you may be able to leave hospital on the day of the procedure.

Your surgeon may use bandages on the treated area. You will be prescribed antibiotics and painkillers to support the recovery process and prevent pain, blood loss, and infection. In a follow-up appointment, your stitches will be removed. You may have some bruising and numbness in the skin of the treated area, but it should fade completely within six to eight weeks.

You should not expect immediate, dramatic effects. Once inflammation reduces, you will notice some of the initial results of fat removal. However, it might take several months to see significant changes.

Hospital Stay After Liposuction

After your liposuction procedure, you may require an overnight stay in hospital so that our medical staff can closely monitor your recovery. They will make sure there are no issues such as blood loss or swelling of the skin around the treated area. If you experience any pain, your medical team will also be able to help manage it. Our private hospitals provide excellent support for our patients throughout their stay.

Experts in Liposuction

Our expert medical staff will monitor and support your progress throughout your private hospital stay and afterwards. They will manage any pain you experience after your surgery. You will be treated with our total care and attention throughout your time in hospital and beyond.

Visiting A Local Hospital After The Liposuction Treatment

In the unlikely event that you experience any problems after the procedure, you can visit a local hospital to be treated. While our private patients attend a THST hospital for their surgery, a local hospital will be able to respond to any problems that occur. It is extremely rare for a patient to experience any serious problems or significant pain after our liposuction treatment.

Is The Liposuction Procedure Safe?

Our private hospitals and experienced surgeons provide extremely safe, reliable conditions for liposuction. Our clinic staff and medical professionals will support and guide you through a safe and effective process with minimal pain or discomfort. From your initial free consultation through your operation and aftercare, we will provide a safe and comfortable experience. Liposuction has been carried out safely and effectively for many years. It is a reliable procedure and complications are very rare.

As a patient at one of our private hospitals, you will be treated with the total focus by our staff. At your initial consultations, your surgeon will assess whether you are a suitable candidate. You will also be given all the information you need on the private hospital you will attend, the technique or techniques that will be used and the details of the procedure.

To ensure a totally comprehensive process, consultations may take place over several weeks. Each time you visit our clinic, we will make sure you that you are treated with care and given the information and support you need.

The Technique & Procedure Of Liposuction & Fat Removal

As well as discussing the procedure itself and the techniques that will be used, your surgeon will discuss the recovery process, including any risks and potential complications. You can rest assured that your surgeon will have performed the surgery many times. You will be treated by an expert in the field. The techniques used may differ from patient to patient, but your surgeon will be experienced in any technique that may be used.

Our Cutting Edge Clinic has performed procedures for all kinds of patient, providing individually-tailored treatment for all of them. We have guided each one through the entire process and aftercare. We our experts in handling any unlikely risks or complications that may emerge.

Our clinic will work to ensure that your liposuction process is as efficient as possible. It is often possible to move through initial consultations, the surgery itself and recovery all in a matter of weeks.

What Are the Risks of Fat Removal with Liposuction?

Any major surgery carries a risk of infection and blood loss. In addition to these, you may experience some other side effects in the weeks after surgery. These may include inflammation, contour irregularities, severe bruising, thrombophlebitis, allergic reactions, heart and kidney problems, infections, skin burns, and numbness. Other side effects are also possible. However, severe side effects from liposuction are rare.

Now you are aware of the benefits and risks of liposuction. Undergoing treatment with the Health Store Turkey’s expert teams at elite hospitals gives you the best possible chance of a smooth, safe and effective process. We offer a guarantee of patient satisfaction.

How Can Body Mass Gain Affect People?

Weight gain can affect people of all age groups. It can have various causes. It can severely impact your self-esteem, ability to perform activities, and overall health. Liposuction can give you back the figure you want.

Our experienced surgeons are familiar with all methods of liposuction. They will guide you throughout to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits.

Once you contact us, we will discuss your conditions and history to assess you as a suitable candidate. We will support you at each stage of the process and give you all the information you need. It is very rare for patients to encounter any problems as a result of liposuction as we work to minimise the risk of complications. We use only the most effective techniques, with expert surgeons, in elite hospital settings. Contact us today and we will be happy to give you all the information you need to make a decision.


Does Lipo permanently remove fat?
The results of liposuction can be permanent. However, the patient must work to maintain them with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

How much does liposuction cost Ireland?
Prices vary depending on the amount of work and the provider, but you can usually expect to spend between 3,000 and 5,000 euro for significant work in one area.

How much weight can you lose with liposuction?
The amount of weight an individual can lose depends on a range of factors. However, it is usually possible to remove significant amounts of fat from specific areas.

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