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Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants

Enhance Your Appearance, Comfort and Health with Dental Implants 

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An implant is an artificial root that is placed in the gum where a tooth is missing. Implants provide healthy, comfortable and aesthetic teeth. They make essential functions such as chewing more comfortable. Implants are made using titanium, a substance that easily and safely adapts to the body and is extremely durable.  

Implants are inserted during short operations under local anaesthesia. Normal mouth function returns quickly after the operation. Implants usually take three-to-six months to fully connect with the gum, but the mouth can function normally during the interim period. During this time, the patient should have regular dental checks.

Criteria for Successful Implant Procedures:

  • Appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Selection of suitable implants.
  • Assessment of bone density and bone structure.
  • Assessment of relation between pre-existing teeth and implants.
  • Good oral hygiene.
  • Full sterilisation of tools and operating room.
  • Assessment of patient’s general health.
  • No smoking or alcohol consumption after operation.
  • Regular dental checks for 3-6 months after operation.

Implant procedures are performed in these circumstances:

  1. Single tooth deficiency
  2. Multiple tooth deficiency
  3. Total toothlessness.

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