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Thigh Lift Procedure in Turkey

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Thigh Lift Procedures

A thigh lift procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the inner or outer thighs. This body contouring procedure is often used after substantial or bariatric weight loss. It is also a good option for individuals for whom dieting and exercise have failed to reduce excess tissue in their upper thighs.

Liposuction may be used alongside recontouring of the inner thigh. If you are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight, a thigh lift can help you achieve the thigh contours you desire.

When to Consider a Thigh Lift

Thigh lifts provide more a stronger contour and a firmer appearance and feel in the thighs. If you have undergone bariatric surgery or significant weight loss, a thigh lift may be a good option to remove excess skin in these areas. If you are distressed about loose or flabby skin on the thighs, a thigh lift procedure may be a good option for you. The procedure may also be a good solution if you feel that excess skin in the thighs are making exercise or other regular activities difficult.

Benefits of a Thigh Lift

Many patients find that a thigh lift increases their physical comfort and improves their self-esteem. The procedure can help you to achieve the appearance you desire and can make regular activities easier or more comfortable. The procedure creates a firmer and more youthful appearance in the thighs.

Post-Operative Process

The new contouring of the thighs will be evident immediately after surgery. However, there will be a period of bruising, swelling and soreness. Your surgeon will advise you on how long this period will last and on how to manage it. If your pain is extreme or long-lasting, contact your surgeon for advice.

It is extremely important to carefully follow your medical team’s advice in order to recover quickly after the operation. This will involve instruction on wearing compression garments, managing your drains, taking an antibiotic if prescribed, and the level and type of activity that is safe. It is important to note that the amount of time it takes to recover from the procedure varies significantly between individuals. 

When to Consider a Thigh Lift

  • If you want a stronger, more proportional contour and a firmer look and feel.
  • If you have undergone bariatric surgery or massive weight loss.
  • If you are distressed or uncomfortable loose, flabby skin on your thighs.
  • If you have difficulty fitting into clothing or performing activities due to your thighs.

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