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Tissue Expansion for Baldness by The Health Store Turkey

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Tissue expansion for Baldness

Tissue expansion may be a good option for patients experiencing baldness due to male pattern baldness, injuries or other causes. Tissue expansion is completed in two treatment sessions under local anaesthesia. Medical balloons called tissue expanders are used in the first of these sessions. The balloons come in many shapes and sizes and are applied depending on the degree of baldness.

A serum is applied to the balloons in the balding areas at periodic intervals, causing the scalp to expand. The number of cells in the skin increases and it gains volume. This first session takes places over two months. After this, the second session begins.

 The expanded skin is used to cover the balding area around it. Later, the bald skin is removed and a part of the scalp is cut and lifted in the opposite direction. The skin is then attached to its new location, maintaining normal blood flow. During the recovery period, the scalp line begins to form.

With the scalp reduction technique, the scalp is pushed towards the balding area. This method camouflages the balding areas at the top, back or temples of the head. The success rate of this procedure is very high. 

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