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Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a very common problem among men. It may be caused by genetics, injury or other issues. Hair transplant procedures (also called hair restoration or hair implantation) restore hair by transplanting new, active follicles into bald or thinned areas.

Tissue Expansion for Baldness

Tissue expansion surgery is applied to patients with baldness caused by trauma, burns or other issues. It is completed in two sessions under local anaesthesia.


Eye Brow Transplants

Eyebrow transplantation is applied to fill out sparse eyebrows caused by genetics, disease or other factors.


Beard Transplant

A beard transplant fills in areas of the beard or moustache by transplanting active hair follicles.



FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves relocating active hair follicles to bald areas, leading to natural hair growth there. It is a popular and effective hair loss treatment.


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