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Penis Enlargement & Thickening

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Penis Enlargement & Thickening

The length, thickness and functionality of the penis is a serious concern for many man. It can have a significant impact on self-image and quality of life.

There are many conditions that may effect the appearance, functionality, curvature or size of the penis. Aesthetic surgery is a popular option to deal with any problems in these areas. Surgery can be performed to correct deformities or issues of curvature. Procedures are also available lengthen and thicken the penis.

How are male genital procedures performed?

Procedures for extending the penis are performed by loosening ligaments. Elongation is achieved by exposing the section of the penis that is previous present but not visible. This elongation is evident both in the flaccid and erect condition. This is one of the most advanced methods for this purpose and has a very high rate of patient satisfaction. It does not cause any loss of sensation in the penis. The process involves advancing the inner tissue of the penis. As a result, a maximum net lengthening of 3-4cm can be achieved.

Thickening of the penis is achieved by injecting fat tissue taken from the patient into the penis. Fats are taken by liposuction. There is no significant visible scarring. Often, the waist region or the inner parts of the leg are used for fat removal.

Is anesthesia used in penis lengthening and enlargement surgeries?

Penis surgeries can be performed with local anaesthesia and sedation anaesthesia. This means the patient can go home after resting in the hospital for a short time after the operation. In some cases, general anaesthesia is preferred, especially if liposuction is used. In this case, the patient will have to remain in hospital for a number of hours after the procedure while the effects of the anaesthesia wear off.

After these procedure, one month of sexual abstinence is required.

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