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Rhinoplasty with The Health Store Turkey


Rhinoplasty permanently alters the bone and cartilage structures inside the nose, reshaping it to improve its appearance and function. It is a safe and reliable procedure that has been popular for many years. The procedure is often used to reshape the nose in proportion to the face without causing breathing problems or any other issues. In some cases, patients have further procedures called Revision Rhinoplasties to enhance or alter the effects of the initial procedure.

Clients who undergo with these procedures at THST hospitals report extremely high levels of satisfaction with the results in terms of appearance and function. 

Treatment and Recovery Process

Before this procedure is carried out, the surgeon will assess the patient and discuss their treatment options. It is important for the patient and surgeon to establish clear objectives and expectations. Rhinoplasty is a significant procedure. There may also be swelling of the nose for some time after the procedure, so it is important that the patient fully understands the treatment and recovery processes. 


THST hospitals use leading medical teams and surgeons with extensive experience in providing successful rhinoplasties. A detailed, personalised treatment plan is provided for each patient and our expert teams guide all patients through each stage of the process.

Revision Rhinoplasty 

To achieve success with the revision rhinoplasty, all procedures performed in the previous rhinoplasty are repeated. Therefore, the plastic surgeon and the patient should re-evaluate the condition and plan the surgery in collaboration. They must decide what will be changed in the structure of the nose and determine the needs for revision. If tissue grafts are needed, they should decide where to locate them in advance before the operation.

Does revision rhinoplasty allow re-sculpting of the nose?

The nose cannot be restructured during revision rhinoplasty. If you decide to undergo rhinoplasty, it is critical to have it done by an expert surgeon. If there is a breathing problem relating to the nose, it should be corrected during the first procedure. Rhinoplasty should not cause breathing problems when performed correctly. 


I’ve undergone rhinoplasty before, but I am not satisfied with the result. Can I undergo surgery again?

Yes, you can; revision rhinoplasty is mostly performed for this reason.

My nose became too small after the first rhinoplasty, can it be augmented?

Yes, it is possible to augment the nose by transferring cartilage grafts.

What is the ideal age to undergo revision rhinoplasty?

There is no ideal age, you can undergo the surgery at any age older than 18.

When does the nose reach its final shape?

The targeted shape will be completely formed in 6-12 months.

Can revision rhinoplasty be performed to eliminate breathing problems?

Yes. The inner nasal structures can be corrected while maintaining the shape of the nose.

Does the nose shape change over the years?

No, the surgery provides a permanent shape.

Will there be any marks left due to excision of cartilage tissue?

Cartilage grafts can be taken from the nose, ear, and ribs to be used in revision rhinoplasty. There may be some marks left but they will not be significant and will fade away in time.

Are allergic reactions to the surgery possible?

Allergic reactions are not possible when synthetic material is not used.

Does any bruising develop on the lips?

Only mild bruising may occur on the upper lip.

When can I wear contact lenses again?

You can start wearing your contact lenses 3 days after surgery.

Does the skin structure influence the success of the surgery?

No, it can only change the speed of recovery.

How many days of rest are required after?

An inpatient stay of one or two days is usually sufficient.

When can I return to work?

Depending on the type of procedure, most patients can return to work one week after surgery at most.

How long should I wait before wearing makeup?

It is safe to wear makeup after about 10 days.

What are the other types of operations that can be performed in combination with rhinoplasty in the same session?

Revision rhinoplasty can be performed in combination with face lift surgery in the same session.

When can the patient engage in sports or strenuous exercise?

It is safe to take part in sports or strenuous exercise around three weeks after surgery. 

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