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Facial Fat Injection Treatement in Turkey

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Fat Injection

Fat injection is a safe procedure that can be used to provide a fuller appearance in the face. It is a popular aesthetic procedure.

Where is the injected fat collected from?

The fat to be injected can be collected from various parts of the body. It can be taken from areas with excess fat. The abdomen is often the chosen location as it is a common area of fat accumulation. It can also be collected from the waist, hips or other parts of the body.

How are facial fat injections performed?

Local anaesthesia is usually for facial fat injection. In some cases, general anaesthesia is preferred. General is often chosen if multiple procedures are to be performed. After being collected from the body, the fat put through various processes such as washing and centrifugation to prepare it for injection. It is then injected using state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for the purpose.

Will facial fat injection provide a permanent fullness?

The durability of the results depend on various factors. If the patient maintains the same body weight, the increased fullness will usually remain. However, if they lose weight generally, this loss will also apply to the areas that have been injected.

 How long does the facial fat injection procedure last? 

The duration of the procedure will vary depending on several factors, including amount of fat being transferred and the patient’s characteristics. It usually takes around 30 to 60 minutes. 

Which parts of the face are the most common areas for fat injection?

Facial fat injection is most often performed to plump up the lips, to ease the appearance of deep wrinkles around the mouth, and to augment the cheek and lower jaw areas. It is usually used for aesthetic purposes. It is a popular option for people who want a reliable, non-surgical procedure to achieve a fuller facial appearance. 

Facial fat injection is sometimes performed before a facial aesthetic surgery to enhance the overall effect. For example, a patient who wants a fuller chin may choose to have fat injection done before undergoing lower jaw surgery for na enhanced overall outcome. If the patient finds the results of the fat injection satisfactory, they can schedule additional surgery.

What is the post-operative process?

After the procedure is completed, cold compresses are applied to the injection areas. The aim is to reduce any potential swelling. Cold compressing does not cause any discomfort. Ice bags or cold gel is usually applied to the injection area every 15 minutes.

There may be some swelling at the injection area for around two days. In lip augmentation, the swelling may last longer, and the volume of swelling may be a little more compared to fat injections made in the other areas of the face. The face can be washed a day after the procedure. It may be helpful to apply a light massage to the intervention area around five days after the procedure.

Small bandages are placed in the treated area and are usually removed at the end of the day of the procedure or the following day. A five-day course of antibiotics may be necessary to eliminate the risk of infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any incisions made for facial fat injection?

No incisions are made for collecting or injecting fat.

Can facial fat injection be repeated?

Fat injection can be performed again 6 months after the first facial fat injection.

Does a repeated facial fat injection pose any risks?

The only risk associated with repeat procedures is slight skin discolouration. However, the risk is low.

In which regions of the face will the injected fat be more permanent?

The fat will be more permanent on the less movable areas of the face. Durability is reduced in areas that move frequently.

Is facial fat injection performed in the operating room?

Although it is non-surgical, facial fat injection should be performed under sterile conditions. Therefore, it may be performed in the operating room.

How many days do people stay in hospital after facial fat injection?

Facial fat injection does not require any hospital stay. The patient can return to regular activities on the day of the procedure.

What should be taken into consideration before facial fat injection?

Blood thinners should not be used for at least 10 days before the procedure. The patient should also inform the physician of any drugs they are using.

Is facial cream use allowed after facial fat injection?

Moisturising cream can be used one day after the procedure.

Is using a sauna after facial fat injection safe?

To minimise potential swelling on the face, steam exposure should be avoided for approximately one week after the procedure.

Does facial fat injection cause bruising?

Some bruising may occur, but it will be very mild and will fade entirely within a few days. 

Is facial fat injection painful?

There may be some slight pain due to the injection. This will be brief. Painkillers can be used if any pain persists.

Will facial asymmetry occur due to the resorption of the transferred fat?

No. The transferred fat in the facial injection procedure is resorbed homogeneously. The symmetrical appearance on the face will not be altered.

Can facial fat injection be applied to the eyelids?

Yes. Fat can be injected into the eyelids, just as in any area of the face.

Can scar marks be eliminated with facial fat injection?

Depending on the appearance and location of the scarring, it may be possible to remove or reduce scarring through facial fat injection.

Is regular dressing required after facial fat injection?

No dressing is required after the procedure.

Is it safe to use makeup after facial injection?

Use of cosmetics is not recommended for about 5 days after the procedure.

What is the difference between facial fat injection and fillers?

The individual’s body fat is used in the facial fat transfer procedure. Filling involves the transfer of synthetic material for a filling effect.

Can it be reliably predicted how transferred fat will remain at the injection area?

No. The length of the time the transferred fat will remain in the area of injection cannot be estimated before the procedure and can vary depending on several factors.

Can facial fat injection be performed at any age?

Yes, patients of any age can benefit from this procedure.

Can facial fat injection be applied for pregnant women?

Facial fat injection is associated with infection, although the risk is low. Due to this association, however, it is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Can hollow areas under the eyes be filled in with facial fat injection?

Yes, the procedure can be performed in the under-eye area.

Can people who are on diets undergo facial fat injection?

Since fat loss in the body will occur during the dieting process, it is recommended to undergo facial fat injection after the end of a diet program.

Can facial fat injection cause allergic reactions?

As the procedure involves the transfer of fat taken only from the individual’s body, there is no risk of allergic reactions.

What type of needle is used in facial fat injection?

A 2.4-mm cannula is used to remove fat. To transfer fat to the intervention area, 0.7-mm, 0.9-mm or 1.2-mm cannulas are used.

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