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Brest Reduction Surgery in Turkey

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Breast Reduction

Reduction Mammoplasty procedures reduce the size of the breasts for reasons of health, aesthetics or physical comfort.


Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Breast Reduction is a reconstructive surgery that is usually done for health reasons. Large breasts can cause back and neck pain in women and can create serious issues. The pressure of the bra on the arms and shoulders can also cause numbness or discomfort. This can also cause breathing issues.

In aesthetic breast reduction surgery, the breast tissue is reshaped according to the body size of the individual. Excess breast tissue and skin are removed. The nipple is moved to appropriate place. Aesthetic breast reduction surgery generally provides positive, lasting results. It significantly improves the mental health and physical comfort of the individual. 

Why should I have my procedure performed in a THST Hospitals?

All of THST’s Clinics are staffed by experienced, skilled physicians, specialists and nursing staff. Our nurses and care staff are dedicated professionals. We prioritise our patients’ comfort alongside the success of our procedures. We have some of the most experienced medical breast reduction teams in the industry to guide you through the process. We also provide Aftercare for our patients for a full year after treatment.

Can I choose the new size of my breasts?

You will discuss your goals with your surgeon before the surgery. Some people want their breasts reduced very substantially, while some want a more minor procedure to make them more proportional to their body frame. Bra and cup sizes vary by manufacturer, so your surgeon may be hesitant to promise you a specific change in cup size. However, they will have other guides available to help ensure the objectives of the procedure are clearly defined. It is important to note that there are limits to how small a surgeon can make your breasts without risking additional complications.

Does the surgery leaves scars? If so, will they go away?

Most scars will fade within about 6-12 months, but the scars will be there in some form permanently. Be sure to ask your surgeon beforehand where exactly your scars will be. There are many ways to perform a breast reduction. Your doctor will choose the method most suited to your body and your goals. Silicone-based gels will help the scars to fade over time.

How long is the recovery period? How long does bruising last?

Recovery takes approximately one month. Bruises can last 2-3 weeks, gradually fading throughout this period. 

What level of pain will I experience after breast reduction surgery?

Each individual’s experience of pain is different, but most patients describe post-surgery pain as mild-to-moderate. You will be provided with advice on pain medication appropriate to the level of pain you are experiencing.

How soon can I get back to normal activities after breast reduction surgery?

You will need to take it very easy for at least several days and will probably need assistance with many daily tasks, so be sure you have that help available. The surgery requires general anaesthesia, which has lingering effects that vary from person to person. You may find that you become very tired and need to take a nap at some point during the day for a week or two.

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