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Breast Lift Treatment in Turkey

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Breast Lift

Breast lift or augmentation is one of our most popular aesthetic surgeries. Our surgeons at The Health Store Turkey are some of the most skilled and experienced providers of this procedure in the field. Breast augmentation can be performed using silicone prosthesis, inflatable prosthesis or the patient’s own fat tissue. Silicone, a substance that is not harmful to the body, is processed in the laboratory and transformed into the silicone prosthesis we use for the procedure. Thick silicone gels called cohesive gels are used. The state-of-the-art 5th generation silicone prostheses are approved by the USFDA and do not leak even if pierced, as they are not liquid. The silicone prosthesis can be produced with a smooth or rough surface, in various shapes, and in low, medium, or high projections in accordance with individual preferences. Insertion requires several incisions.  Various brands of prostheses are used safely and the choice will depend on the preferences of the physician and the patient.

Why should I have my procedure performed in a THST Hospitals?

All of THST’s Clinics are staffed by experienced, skilled physicians, specialists and nursing staff. Our nurses and care staff are dedicated professionals. We prioritise our patients’ comfort alongside the success of our procedures. We have some of the most experienced medical breast augmentation teams in the industry to guide you through the process. We also provide Aftercare for our patients for a full year after treatment.

 Who is a suitable candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

– People with asymmetrical breasts (one breast smaller or less developed than the other)
– People with small or underdeveloped breasts
– People with issues relating to breast structure and/or size
– People who have lost breast tissue as a result of breast cancer.

The silicone prosthesis can be placed under the breast tissue (subglandular), under the muscle (submuscular), under the muscle membrane (subfacial) or in multiple locations called “dual-plane” with incisions made under the armpit, nipple or breast. For patients also undergoing a tummy tuck, prosthesis can be inserted through the same incision (TABA method) and inflated (TUBA method) by entering through the belly button. All these options are discussed during the patient’s initial meeting with the surgeon. Different options may preferable depending on various personal factors.

What is the Surgical Process? 

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia in hospital conditions and takes 1-2 hours. Bandages are applied to the breast.

What is the Post-Operative Process?

Post-operative pain is minimal. Melting stitches may be used, which do not need to be removed. There may be swelling and bruising in the early post-operative period. It should fade within 10 days. The surgeon may choose to use surgical drains after the operation to reduce fluid. These are usually removed in 1-2 days. The patient can return to work in 3-5 days. It is recommended for patients to avoid heavy exercise for 1-2 months and to avoid lying facedown for 2 months after surgery. There may be minor shape changes in the post-operative period. These can often be corrected with a professional massage.

Are there any other issues to be aware of before Breast Augmentation?

Activities such as airplane travel, combat sports and deep diving are not problematic for women with breast prostheses. Breast ultrasonography should be performed routinely for patients under 40 years of age, and mammography for those over 40 years of age among patients who undergo breast prosthesis surgery. After breast augmentation, breast tissue can be evaluated by examination, ultrasonography, tomography, mammography or magnetic resonance imaging. Prosthesis does not cause issues with any of these procedures. Silicone prosthesis does not cause breast cancer. In some publications, it has been stated that it suppresses breast cancer because it puts pressure on breast tissue. If you become pregnant after breast augmentation, the prosthesis does not need to be removed and mothers can breastfeed their babies as normal.

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