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We’re looking for Salon Owners to join our new Partner Program!

The Health Store Turkey is an award winning health tourism company based in Turkey. We’ve helped thousands of people change their lives for the better! We do this by bringing people from Europe to Turkey for life changing weight loss and aesthetics treatments.

We’ve hand picked a network of salon owners across the UK to work with and we’ve had tremendous growth in the past 12 months. We’re now increasing our reach right across the UK, Ireland, Germany and further afield.

We believe Salon Owners like you are at the heart of local communities and by partnering with Salon’s we’re able to reach people in need. So how does it work? Well it’s simple really – You just let people know what their options are in terms of accessing treatments abroad and for everyone who comes to Turkey for a treatment – You get a commission.

Last month we helped salon owners like you to make an additional €10,000 in sales and they’re still growing! Fill out the form to mark your interest and we’ll set-up a no-obligation chat with our German team.