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Covid 19 Insurance for Turkey

Enjoy an even safer stay in Turkey with Tourist Protection and Support Insurance for Covid 19

Take a Closer Look at Tourist Protection and Support Insurance

Have an even more relaxing visit to Turkey with Covid-19 coverage via Tourist Protection and Support Insurance.

Implemented by Güneş Sigorta under the leadership of the Republic of Turkey, visitors to Turkey are invited to relax during their stay with Covid-19 insurance coverage and peace of mind and the coverage and comfort provided by Tourist Protection and Support Insurance.

Please visit https://www.covidinsurance4turkey.com

to apply and get detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Policy inclusion and coverage?

The policy pays medical expenses for patients with a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis who are treated in hospital. If the patient is hospitalised due to Covid 19 with an in-network provider, payment is made directly by the Güneş Sigorta authorization system. Payments for out-of-network providers are made by the patient.

The scope of coverage is listed in the insurance policy. We kindly advise that you review the policy for a complete listing of coverage and advantages.

What is the duration of the policy?

Up to a maximum 30 days, depending on the duration of travel of the insured.

Does the policy have a day limit for hospitalisation?

Should the patient be hospitalised in intensive care before the policy expires, treatment will continue for 10 additional days, even if the policy expires within this period.

Is there a waiting period?

There is no waiting period for the Covid-19 Tourist Protection and Support Insurance.

Is there an age limit for this policy?

Anyone between 0 and 65 years of age can benefit from Covid-19 Tourist Protection and Support Insurance.

What is covered by the Covid-19 Private Health Insurance Coverage Expenses Insurance?

All health expenses for tourists incurred in any of the pandemic hospitals, whether private or public, arising from hospitalisation due to Covid-19 while traveling in Turkey are covered by this insurance, including intensive care costs. The payment process starts as soon as the Güneş Sigorta authorisation department is contacted, during admission to the hospital.

Under which conditions are claims paid?

For the payment of claims for patients admitted to the hospital or to intensive care with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19, the admitting hospital must submit a request to the authorisation department of Güneş Sigorta. If the hospital is a pandemic hospital, but an out-of-network provider, payment is made by the patient.

What is required for payments for out-of-network providers?

Copies of entrance and exit stamps in the passport, a copy of the first page of the passport, the discharge report, doctor’s follow-up forms, and a detailed list of items listed in the invoice and examination results are all required in submitting invoices issued by out-of-network providers for consideration.

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