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Saturday 5th August

As of today Saturday 5th August 2023, The Health Store Turkey would like to confirm that after a careful internal review we have taken the decision to cancel any future bookings for bariatric treatments involving Dr. Huseyin Eken.

From this date forward all bariatric treatments arranged by The Health Store Turkey will be carried out by our preferred surgeons, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Turgut & Prof. Dr. Gokhan Akbulut (Izmir) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut Riza Gunduz (Antalya). 

If you have a surgery booked with us and Dr. Huseyin, rest assured we will be contacting you directly to explore what this means for your upcoming treatment and the options open to you.

Hyperinflation in Turkey has unfortunately created significant challenges for service providers in every industry and Medical Tourism is no exception. As a result, we are witnessing an increase in the number of ‘cut price’ treatments offered on social media as some operators engage in a desperate race to secure customers paying in Euro, Sterling or US Dollars.

These ‘cut price’ offers invariably lead to a sub-standard level of care, as the cost cutting measures employed to underwrite them, drastically reduce the quality of the overall treatment delivered.

This approach can lead to the difficulties we see highlighted in the UK media where serious complications have arisen during or after the treatment administered in Turkey and tarnish the country’s image as a premier Medical Tourism destination.

Having earned a reputation as a leading provider of Medical Tourism packages in Turkey, we take the confidence our clients place in us, to arrange safe and affordable treatments at the highest possible standards, extremely seriously.

All aspects of our service including the Surgeons we arrange treatments with are constantly under review and routinely audited to ensure that the high standards we set for our customers are maintained to the best of everyone’s abilities.

As a result we simply cannot advocate or endorse any approach that would expose our clients to;

  • The dangers associated with a ‘conveyor belt’ system, where patient numbers routinely exceed five per day, per surgeon.
  • Any surgery where the use of cheap, uncertified or generic surgical instruments is possible.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery without the assurance of a separate endoscopy.
  • A disregard for personal contact details and international Data Protection Regulations and inappropriate solicitation via social media or other means.
  • Demands for payment via cash or other untraceable means.
  • Sub-standard aftercare or disinterest in addressing possible complications.

Despite the economic challenges facing our industry, we wish to remind our clients that our commitment to Patient Safety and Long Term Success for the treatments arranged by us remains our number one priority.

It is essential that every member of our team, from our employees to our service providers agree with this ethos and strive towards the same goal. If not, it is incumbent on us to act decisively and make the appropriate changes where necessary.

If you are a current client of The Health Store Turkey or are considering a future treatment with us and have any questions regarding the content of this announcement please email our CEO Nihal Terzi directly at info@thehealthstoreturkey.com or message us via Whatsapp on +44 7733 596821.

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