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The Health Store Turkey’s support for our patients continues long after treatments is completed. We provide comprehensive Aftercare support for all of our patients for a full year after all procedures. This is an important part of our commitment to our patients.

Your surgeon will monitor your progress after your procedure and will remain available to you for any questions or problems you might have. Our Dietician, Beliz, will also set you up with a nutrition plan for before and after your treatment. Beliz will also continue to monitor your progress and will be ready to answer questions or offer advice during the Aftercare period.

If you need support adjusting to your new lifestyle, our Counsellor, Oyku, is available to offer advice, support and motivation. We also provide a private Facebook Support Group and one-to-one peer support with others who have had treatment similar to yours.

Blood Tests

We request blood tests at three-month intervals throughout the year after a procedure. This allows us to monitor our patients’ progress closely during this time. These tests can be booked with your regular doctor. You can then share the results with your surgeon and dietician, who will address any issues that may arise.


While you are in Turkey, you will meet with Beliz, our specialist Dietician, before and after surgery. She will help to form your personalised treatment plan. She will provide initial assessment and crucial advice on your post-operative diet and long-term nutritional habits.

After your return home, Beliz is available to you directly, 24/7, through a private WhatsApp group. This provides reassurance and support for our patients. She can answer specific questions or provide useful tips to help you in your new lifestyle. Beliz also monitors your blood test results, along with your surgeon, to identify and address any issues that may arise.

Your Surgeon

You can rest assured after your treatment that you are still in safe hands. Your surgeon will continue to monitor your progress and will be available to answer any questions you might have. They will assess the results of your blood tests to address any potential issues. If you have any medical questions or if you encounter any issues, we are always happy to arrange a one-to-one consultation between you and your surgeon. The wellbeing and peace of mind of our patients after treatment is an essential priority for us.


The Health Store Turkey’s Councillor, Oyku, will work closely with you and your dietician after your procedure. Adjusting to a new lifestyle can present a lot of challenges. Having professional, compassionate support tailored to your personal needs gives you a great advantage in overcoming these challenges. Oyku will help you to form new habits, attitudes and healthy outlets to help you on your journey.

Private Support Group

Our private Facebook Support Group is a safe place to ask difficult questions and share your experiences. It is attentively moderated and has a strict anti-bullying policy. It can be deeply reassuring and instructive to communicate with other people who have had similar experiences to you. We encourage people to be honest with themselves and with each other about the positive and negative aspects of their journey.

The group provides mutual support, strong motivation and helpful advice. Surgery is a serious decision and can be a demanding journey. Having the support of others who have already made that journey, or are making it alongside you, can make a crucial difference.

One-to-One Support

Sometimes there are questions that you’d prefer to ask in private. This is absolutely understandable and we make sure to provide a space for our patients to do this. To help get you the answers or advice that you need, we will put you in touch with someone who has had a similar treatment process to yours and who has volunteered to help others with difficult questions.

Original Booking Agent

Your original booking agent will remain available to you in the WhatsApp group set up at the beginning of your journey. You can use this group for any logistical queries or issues you encounter.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

We offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients.